Bike Grant Program

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What it’s about

The Bike Grant Program is for individuals who are interested in being active as bicycling leaders and role models in their communities, and do not have or are in need of a quality working bicycle. This program is designed to support individuals as leaders on bikes within the bicycling community and as bicycles intersect with other community-based initiatives in the Twin Cities.

Priorities for acceptance into the program include:

  • Individuals that identify as a part of an underrepresented community in the mainstream biking movement and/or has barriers to biking, including women, trans, and queer-gendered individuals, people of color, recent immigrants, youth, and low-income individuals;
  • People that live within the designated neighborhood boundaries near our Minneapolis and St. Paul shops;
  • People that have capacity and interest in being leaders on bikes– whether at C4C or in their other communities.

How it works

We are working on how the Bike Grant program will operate in 2017 to best serve our community members. Please check back on April 1, 2017 for this year’s schedule.