Grease Rag: Women, Trans & Femme (WTF) Night

What is Grease Rag?

Cycles for Change strives to be a safe and accessible space. In order to help create a welcoming space for everyone, we have set aside free open shop nights just for women, transgender, and femme-identified people. Like other free Open Shops, these Grease Rag nights are a time to work on your bike, volunteer, learn, and teach, while having fun working on bikes together.

IMG_7671Bike mechanics is traditionally seen as a male-dominated activity. So, by setting aside a time for women, transgender, femme, and gender-non-conforming people, we are creating an environment where everyone can gain confidence in their skills. Also, during our very busy times, it can be hard to keep tabs on peoples’ behavior and educate shop users about how their behavior may be sexist. We are not perfect and can’t control everything that happens in the shop, so, by having a Grease Rag open shop just for women, trans, and femme folks, we are generating a safer space that is free of negativity. Check the right hand sidebar for updated schedule of Grease Rag nights.