Winter Cycling Congress


From the Winter Cycling Congress 2016 website: The Winter Cycling Congress will be held February 2-4, 2016 in Minneapolis and St. Paul. This is a three-day professional development event uniting a diverse and international group of people with a shared vision of increasing bicycling and walking among people of all ages and abilities through the winter. Now, in its fourth year, the Winter Cycling Congress aims to deliver a vibrant exchange about the use of the bicycle in a season when there are real and perceived barriers preventing people from realizing all the benefits year-round cycling can support in terms of health, wealth, happiness and equality.

Cycles for Change will be presenting a breakout session on Thursday titled “Breaking down invisible (and visible) barriers to equity on the bike.” In this session, participants will learn how the bicycle has been a tool for improving quality of life and building a diverse and empowered community of people who ride bikes. They will hear from instructors, students, and volunteers about the important role nonprofit organizations have played in promoting bicycling–particularly through adult learn to ride courses–in three very different cities: Detroit, Minneapolis, and Amsterdam.

C4C is also co-sponsoring a pre-conference event Monday, February 1, from 1:30-4:30 p.m. Details here:

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