7 Days until the Youth Bike Summit 2016

Are you ready to meet the next generation of bike advocates, planners, educators, engineers, teachers, senators and business leaders?

We’ll have a chance next Friday when the sixth annual Youth Bike Summit convenes at Macalester College in Saint Paul. The nation’s third largest bike conference is expected to draw 400 people for the only bike conference created by youth for youth.

While everyone is welcome at #YBS16, the conference focuses on empowering and developing youth. We don’t know yet what these youth will grow up to do, but we do know they’ve got ideas. That’s why we’re so excited to hear from them.

If you haven’t heard about the Youth Bike Summit, here’s what you should know.

  1. Bikes are viewed as tools for building healthier, more sustainable, more equitable communities, and that’s why we’ll be talking about bike clubs, watersheds, entrepreneurship and so much more during the 25 hands-on workshops.
  2. Minnesota’s youth bike superstars will be telling their stories. We’ll hear from C4C youth apprentices Jaquelin Palestino and Robert Skipper, Frogtown youth educators, and students from metro area school-based bike clubs Pillsbury Pedal Power and Brookyln Center Secondary Bike Club.
  3. Inspiring leaders will present, like nationally-recognized civil rights and social justice expert, Nekima Levy-Pounds, President of NAACP Minneapolis and a Professor at University of St. Thomas School of Law, and internationally-recognized urbanist Gil (Guillermo) Penalosa, MBA, PhDhc, Founder and Chair of the Board at 8-80 Cities and Chair of the Board at World Urban Parks.
  4. #YBS16 isn’t only about sitting and listening. Some of us think with our hands through doing and making, and we’re setting up to accommodate creative expression through painting, printing, and more.
  5. On Saturday morning, we’re having a parade across Macalester’s campus, and on Sunday morning, we’ll be painting a mural – no previous painting experience required. Can you think of anything better to do next weekend?
  6. We’re helping to launch the 2016 Slow Roll Twin Cities season with a six-mile, all-inclusive ride through Saint Paul on Saturday evening. The ride and barbeque are open to the public. Find all the details on Facebook.
  7. By bringing together people from different disciplines and of different ages, we’re hoping to build a shared vision. We’d like to leave the conference with actionable goals that support everyone’s efforts to build momentum for youth bicycling.

Registration is $35 for youth and $75 for adults. Don’t delay, register today!