Important Info for Wild Spring Festival Bike Ride Participants

Info for Wild Springs Festival Bikers (if you signed up you will also get this via email):

Bike Ride to Eat for Equity’s Wild Springs Festival 2016 – Lily Springs Farm (1930 60th Ave, Osceola, WI 54020) Starting at Cycles for Change MPLS (1915 E 22nd St MPLS)

Date: Saturday, July 16 and Sunday, July 17

Camping gear/luggage: This will be schlepped for you in a van (see below). We will have you fill out a luggage tag to attach to it. It is a good idea to have your name inside your bag(s) as well.

Note: You may drop off your camping gear ahead of time if you like at Cycles for Change MPLS from 4:30-7:oo pm on Friday, July 15. You can also have a mechanic safety check your bike and help you with MINOR bike adjustments.

Festival Ticket and Waiver: You need to have obtained a Wild Spring’s festival ticket and must fill out a liability waiver to join this ride.

Time: Arrive between 8:30-9:00 am on Saturday at C4C MPLS to check in – we will leave at 9:30 am.

Please arrive by 9 to check in, get your camping gear/luggage to Matt to put in his van, fill water bottles, pee, etc. We will have coffee available.

Expect to arrive at Lily Springs Farm between 3:00 and 5:00 pm. This is a no drop ride – we will have volunteers riding in the back of the group You can ride ahead of the leader who will ride about 12-16 MPH, but you will be on your own .

When you arrive at the farm: 1) smile and feel accomplished 2) check in 3) get instructions on where to leave your bike 4) locate your camping gear and think about setting up your tent 5) enjoy the festival!

Route Summary: Cross Miss. River via Bridge 9, Dinkytown Greenway, U fo M transitway, Como Park, Arlington Ave. Gateway Trail, North through Scandia, East to Osceola, East and south to LSF. you will get a map and cue card before the ride and I am working on a GPX file as well.

Planned Stops: 1) Hadley Lot, Gateway trail, water/bathroom. 2) Pine Point Park: Lunch approx 11:30 – 1 PM; 3) Scandia (optional – general store/bathrooms), 4) Osceola (optional – gas station/bathrooms; liquor store) Lunch will be provided Saturday.

For the return trip: The group will leave the farm at 10:30 AM on Sunday. You are free to leave at another time if you prefer (please let us know if you decide to do this). Many folks stop as a group for lunch/brunch at the Scandia cafe on Sunday. They food is really tasty and you may want the calories. Don’t forget a slice of pie. They don’t take credit cards so bring cash. (breakfast is provided Sunday morning at the farm as part of your ticket).

Things to bring with you: a working bicycle, clothes to ride in that are comfortable for you, appropriate footwear for riding, (no flip flops), water (at least one large bottle or two medium (32 oz or more total) ) snacks. Consider bringing a spare tube for your tires. Sunscreen and sunglasses. Bicycle helmet.

Ride leaders and volunteers are prepared to help riders should they get a flat tire or have other bike issues during the ride. There will be a support vehicle if your bike has an issue that is not repairable or if a rider needs to stop riding for some reason. – you would be given a ride to the farm or back to MPLS on Sunday (space is limited – if you are only planning to ride one way, make your own arrangements). Ride leaders or volunteers would assist you if you need the support vehicle.

This is a really fun ride and much of the route is very scenic. It is relatively flat, however expect some hills as you approach Scandia and Osceola and during the last 5 miles as you reach Lily Springs.

Other: If you need help, find a ride leader or call numbers that will be listed on you cue sheet (directions). If you decide to stop riding and get picked up by a friend or family member or turn around, let us know so we aren’t looking for you.

This is a really fun ride and much of the route is very scenic. It is relatively flat, however expect some hills as you approach Scandia and Osceola and during the last 5 miles as you reach Lily Springs. About half of the ride is on trials and the other half is on roads, most of the roads are low traffic and have a bike lane or shoulder. Obey all traffic laws. Communicate with other riders and road or trail users with hand signals and your voice. Be courteous. Ride aware, be visible and be prepared. We want everyone to have a great ride and get there and back safely. Be aware of other riders, road conditions, vehicle traffic, etc. Be prepared to stop at trail intersections and at the bottom of hills etc. We are here to help you have a great experience. You are responsible for staying hydrated and taking in calories along the ride as you need. Expect to be riding for 3- 5+ hours not including stops.