What is Open Shop?


“Welcome to Open Shop! What brings you in today?”  

Community Open Shop is one of our core programs at Cycles for Change. Open Shop is a space where anyone can get help repairing a bicycle they bring with them. We have tools, advice/instruction from professional mechanics, – and replacement parts available. At Cycles for Change, our Open Shops are structured around a few key principles:

– Participants should expect to do their own repairs. Staff will use a “hands off” teaching style. This means we will show you how to do the repair, but you will do it yourself.  

– Open Shop exists to make having a safe and well-functioning bicycle accessible to all. Open shop is especially important for those who cannot afford to pay for bicycle repair and those who would like to learn to do some of their own bicycle repairs but do not have access to tools or a safe space for learning.

– It is essential to C4C that Open Shop functions as a safe space where everyone feels comfortable bringing their bike and their identities. We do not tolerate any comments or behavior that discriminates or oppresses based on race, gender, sexual orientation, disability status, or other identities.

– Open Shop operates on a sliding scale $2-20 fee per visit to help support the program. However, we will not turn anyone away for inability to pay.  

– Pay it forward! If you would like to support our Open Shop program with a monetary donation to help make bike repair accessible to all, you can donate here.

Please refer to our website for the current Open Shop schedule at both of our locations, and to learn about Grease Rag (Femme, Trans, Women, Non-Binary, Two-Spirit-only Open Shop) which is hosted at Cycles for Change weekly.

Short on time or patience? Get a free estimate for paid repairs from our service department.