July/August Community Artist Now Showing in Minneapolis


Our next community artist on display at our Minneapolis shop is Rebekah Crisanta de Ybarra aka Lady Xok (enrolled Maya-Lenca Nation, El Salvador).

About the artist:

Rebekah is an emerging Indigenous interdisciplinary/anti-disciplinary artist and musician. She writes and performs music as Lady Xok and is currently recording an EP to be released this fall. Rebekah co-founded Electric Machete Studios, a Twin Cities Latinx Art and Music collective production house. She will be performing with the Our Space Is Spoken For public art performances later this summer led by Twin Cities Media Alliance located in the same building as Cycles for Change (Minneapolis). She never quite learned how to ride a bike in Canarsie, Brooklyn, New York, and admires thxse who do so radically.

Follow her on Instagram @ladyxok, Facebook @rebekahcristanta or at www.rebekahcrisanta.com.


Artist statement:

“This is a short series of four mixed media monoprints I created uniquely for Cycles for Change. Here, I am experimenting gesturally with watercolor and screen-printing techniques while thinking about abstraction, color, and elements mused on by the biker’s journey. My grandfather owned a Schwinn bike shop and his son inherited his passion for collecting and fixing bikes. Weekends of my own childhood were spent cruising alley dumpsters on Long Island. When I think of biking now, I still envision heaps of rusted parts, abstracted into sculpture, discarded, reclaimed, and full of potential for a healthier Mother Earth and a better humanity.”

All prints displayed at the C4C-Minneapolis shop are for sale.