Re-Opening January 15, 2019


Consolidating two shops is a lot of work. And our staff is taking this week off to rest. That said, we are pushing back our reopen date to Tuesday, January 15, 2019, so we have a little more time to get our space organized and ready. We are looking forward to our shop being the best it can be for you, and to be able to offer retail sales and service, Open Shop, and Grease Rag again in the new year. Thank you!

Looking Forward to 2019

After 3 weeks of intensive moving, we are nearly cleared out of our old St. Paul space. Leaving this building after 10 years is bittersweet. We will miss our neighbors and community members dearly. Nonetheless, 2019 is a new beginning for C4C, and we look forward to taking positive steps with you all throughout the coming year.