March Community Artist in the Shop

Our next community artist on display at our shop is Nancy Musinguzi.


Nancy Musinguzi is a visual storyteller, teaching artist and freelance photojournalist working and living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As a documentary photographer chronicling the contemporary American experience through a first-generation Black Queer lens, their artist practice consists of experimenting with both traditional and emerging processes in image-making, utilizing an array of analog and digital formats – DSLR, mobile, disposable film, 35mm film and instant analog film – blending and juxtaposing distinct their textures to best reflect the authentic experiences, expressions and moments of subjects, landscapes, interactions and events.


The Letter Formally Known As “Q” is an intergenerational portrait of the Queer American immigrant community and their experiences living and working in Minnesota. The first installment of the series focuses on the stories of 5 phenomenal human beings and how they use their unique definitions of “Queer” to expand and challenge the term’s meaning to go beyond sexuality and aesthetics. Combining environmental portraiture, typography and graphic design, the project’s aim is to produce an accurate public record of these individuals whom have planted themselves into the Western World to provide a better life for their families and build evidence for others whom would have been erased or forgotten in history without their efforts.

Contact: [email protected]
Social Media: @afrikansniper