Meet Our Bike Voucher Recipients

This bike voucher program is a collaboration between Cycles for Change’s Learn to Ride Program and Grease Rag: FOR US. We received a Bike Connector grant from Our Streets Minneapolis to give away 40 (LTR: 25,  BIPOC FTW: 15) bike vouchers (valued at $400 each).

Requirements for Learn to Ride participants applying for a bike voucher:

  • attend 3+ Learn to Ride classes
  • do not have a working bike
  • attend “How to Buy a Bike” skill share
  • commit to riding to three places with your bike
  • commit to attending 2 rides this season

Requirements for BIPOC FTW applying for a bike voucher:

  • do not have a working bike
  • attend “How to Buy a Bike” skill share
  • participate in social media (taking a selfie or a photo of your bike at a place, with a sentence about what you’re doing) after getting your bike
  • commit to riding to three places with your bike
  • Not required: join us on some BIPOC FTW bike rides

Corenia Smith

“The three places I have ridden my bike is to work, meetings in the area, and to the store near my house. This is my second bike ride, to a meeting at Dogwood Coffee in St. Paul. This ride was 1.5 miles and such a wonderful experience! Thank you Cycles for Change for manifesting this experience.”

Ming Hsu

“This picture was taken and the end of my first day completely replacing driving with biking! I biked from my home to MayDay Cafe at noon, from MayDay Cafe to my friends house at 4:30pm, and from my friends house back to my home at 9pm! It was scary to be out on the road just me and bike all day but I was lucky enough to have some pals join me for parts it. I feel really proud of myself and grateful for my community. In addition to biking to MayDay Cafe and my friends house, I want to bike to my work, the grocery store, and to my therapists office.”

Zeam Porter

“I use Charlene (my beautiful bike/baby) to get to work, therapy and parks (mostly)!  Thanks to the grant I can even incorporate my bike lifestyle with my friends and family because I was able to also purchase a bike rack! Everyone I know refers to it as Charlene‘s car seat!”


“Thus far I’ve done several leisurely rides on my bike for exercise on the parkway. I also joined the Slow Roll Glow Roll during FLOW. This was a group ride in North with bike lights and glow wear in honor of FLOW, the Northside Arts Crawl, and included some points of history on Penn Ave. My next ride will be a family group ride before summer ends.”