C4C Staff Attend Youth-led Climate Strike

By: Gunther Melander

Last Friday, September 20, Cycles for Change staff attended the Global Climate Strike, an international youth-led action to stop climate change. With the Minnesota capitol lawn full of young and old alike, we heard stories from young Black and Indigenous leaders about how climate change is destroying their communities and about the need to fight together for a better future.

Why is it important to come to actions like the climate strike? One march or protest will never stop injustice on its own, but each protest is an important step to create lasting change. First, attending an action can foster a sense of community and give people an opportunity to stay involved. There is a lot of work that goes into running a movement and there is always room for more hands. Second, the more people in a crowd, the better the message for the movement. From names on a petition, to people in a crowd, every person involved increases the the momentum to influence change for any movement. 

Why do you participate in actions? What does climate change look like in our community here in Seward? Email Gunther Melander, Administrative Coordinator, at [email protected] with your stories and thoughts.