Pre-Winter Specials

Studded Tires
Get your studded tires before the snow flies! We’ve got new and used studded tires for sale in the shop.

Our stock of new studded tires are $77/each. We can also order different studded tires for you at any time.

Used studded tires are $20/each or $35/pair. Used studded tires tend to sell quickly, so if you’re looking for a pair for this winter, stop by sooner rather than later!

The days are getting shorter and Daylight Savings ends on November 3. Lighting is important to keep yourself visible while biking in the dark. Minnesota law requires that, at a minimum, bicyclists riding in the dark have a front light and a rear reflector. But a rear light is highly recommended as well. We have many lighting options for sale in our shop in a variety of price ranges. Come check out our selection so you can light up the night on your bike.

(And a reminder: we still have FREE headlights for BIPOC folks!)

Fall, winter, and deep winter gloves
As the weather changes, you may need different protection for your hands as you ride. We have fall, winter, and deep winter glove options for sale in the shop ranging from $40-$80. Each of these options protect your hands to different temperature degrees. The deep winter gloves are meant to be worn as a second layer over a base pair of gloves.

Kali City Helmet
We’re doing a limited run of the Kali City Helmet ($125). This great winter helmet comes in three colorways: matte bronze, matte cement, black; and two sizes: small/medium and large/extra large. The best feature is the drop-down visor for winter eye protection!

Nalgene bottles and cages
We now carry Nalgene 32oz water bottles ($14) and wide bottle cages ($32) in the shop! You’ll also get a C4C sticker to put on the water bottle.