December 3, 2019 Update

Dear Cycles for Change Community,

As of November 2019, the Cycles for Change shop in Minneapolis is closed and programming has been suspended until further notice.

Changes in the philanthropic environment have led to a loss of several significant, long-term sources of funding. Board and staff have been working hard to find a sustainable structure. While we are encouraged by strong 2019 results at the shop, in terms of sales and participation, current income does not cover expenses of operations. 

 We value and appreciate the various ways people have connected with Cycles for Change: via the store, Open Shop, Learn to Ride classes or other programming over the years. The shop culture is unique: welcoming and inclusive. We are one of only a few organizations offering adult “Learn to Ride” classes. These are programs that are highly valued in the community and deserve our ongoing support. 

In light of that past support, the Cycles for Change board of directors still believes in our mission to build a diverse and empowered bicycle community. We are deeply grateful to staff, donors, customers and community members who have supported us over the last 23 years.

The world is a very different place from when we first launched as the Yellow Bike Coalition back in 1996. We have worked hard over the years to adapt to both the challenges and opportunities in the bike community, the nonprofit environment, and the world as a whole. Now, in 2019, we find ourselves faced with one of the largest challenges yet. 

We have only a few weeks to determine next steps, and we welcome your feedback about what you value about the organization (email us). We also greatly appreciate contributions to help us meet our financial obligations. 


Cycles for Change Board of Directors