Learn to Ride Request for Proposals

Find the Request for Proposals (RFP) to conduct Adult Learn to Ride classes in summer 2020. The intent is to find a partner to carry out the work under the terms of an existing contract. Questions about the RFP can be submitted until February 21; proposals are due March 6. Please see the RFP for details. 


Thank you,

Cycles for Change Board of Directors 


1) Is staff time for outreach, planning, coordination and follow-up reimbursable, along with instructional time?
Answer: Staff time for these purposes is allowable as long as within the project time frame. 

(2) Are costs for printed materials reimbursable?
Answer:  Printed materials are allowed. 

(3) Are helmets or bicycles for participants to keep eligible for reimbursement?
Answer: It does not appear that this expense is allowable. Allowable expenses include:
– bike fleet replacement and expansion
– storage for bike fleet & costs associated with moving the fleet
– the portion of fees for such things as email marketing attributed to the project 

(4) Is other equipment that our organization would retain for future use reimbursable, such as step-through bicycles, a storage trailer, or folding pedals?
Answer: Cycles for Change may be able to supply some of this equipment, such as bicycles. Other equipment appears to be allowed under the approved project budget.

Note: All work will be carried out under the terms of the contract between Cycles for Change and theMetropolitan Council. Please refer to the approved project budget (link) included in the Regional Solicitation application.

February 7, 2020 Update

Greetings C4C community,

It has been a month since the last community meeting, and in a continued commitment to transparency, below is an update summarizing the current status of key topics, including progress that has been made since we last communicated. If you happened to miss the community meeting, a copy of the presentation and notes are available on the C4C blog.

Since the community meeting, the C4C board and our contracted accounting firm have been closing out fourth quarter financials and paying outstanding bills. Additionally, the firm will be completing required 2019 year-end accounting and financial filings.

There are a number of financial and administrative obligations associated with the organization that we have continued to monitor and respond to as necessary. This includes:

  • Rent for the shop space, which continues to accrue despite the closure of the shop.
  • Rent for the office space, which is no longer accruing and has been paid in full.
  • Fees for critical services like communication databases, financial records, and inventory systems.
  • Taxes, insurance, and other required operating fees.
  • IRS and Minnesota tax filings.

The Future of Cycles for Change
Possible paths forward for the shop and programs were identified at the meeting, with feedback given and incorporated into our decisions. Below is a summary of the status of each and an update on progress made.

The Shop
The C4C board has been negotiating terms with a local nonprofit bike shop to take over the inventory and the space. This includes conducting a thorough inventory and determining the value of the assets. As a part of these discussions, the board has stressed the desire to see that the shop remains a welcoming space for the C4C community, including FTW and gender non-conforming folks, immigrants, black and indigenous peoples, and people of color. 

Open Shop
The future of Open Shop is uncertain. The C4C board is in discussions with an organization that is interested in carrying on open shop programming, however, it is unlikely that these programs will be able to continue in the current C4C shop location.

Learn to Ride

The C4C board is drafting a request for proposal (RFP) to share with potential program partners to facilitate Learn to Ride programming in 2020. The RFP will include the parameters and requirements of the current grant funding as well as the qualifications needed of the applicant. If you know of any organizations that should receive the RFP, please share their contact information with the board at [email protected]

Depending on the responses to the RFP, among other factors, the C4C board will select an applicant. If no eligible program partners are identified, C4C will forfeit the remaining grant funds for this program back to the federal government. 

Cycles for Change as an Organization
While primary focus has been on next steps for the shop, the C4C board continues to discuss the future of the Cycles for Change name and organization. This future depends on a variety of factors, including whether or not a program partner is selected to carry out Learn to Ride programs in 2020. If a partner is selected, Cycles For Change will need to remain in operation in order to administer the grant until its completion in September. If a partner is not identified, a decision will be made about dissolving the organization or turning it over to a newly elected board of directors. 

We will provide another update to the C4C community when there is significant information to share. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email the board at [email protected]


C4C Board

Minnesota Bike Walk Summit

If you’re interested, the Minnesota Bike Walk Summit is happening on March 5 at the capitol. Scholarships and travel stipends are available from the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota. Find more details here.