August 24, 2020: Update

Greetings C4C community –

It is with a heavy heart that we reach out to announce that Cycles for Change will officially be winding down, leading to complete dissolution over the next several months. 

Earlier this summer, there was an effort to find new board members in order to continue the mission of the organization. Unfortunately, those efforts did not result in enough interested candidates to sustain Cycles for Change and guide it into a sustainable future. 

The mission of Cycles for Change—working to build a diverse and empowered community of cyclists—has been and remains an incredibly important task. Over the years, the staff were the lifeblood of the organization and played a vital role in engaging in this work and connecting deeply with the community. Volunteers, donors, and supporters of C4C also played a significant role in helping work toward the mission. Many thanks for the dedication and passion of all those involved throughout C4C’s history. Cycles for Change’s mission has not been fully achieved, and we understand amazing work is still being done in the community. We support that work and hope that the mission continues in creative and innovative ways. 

In order to undergo dissolution, the board will be working to fulfill all remaining obligations. This includes:

  • Working with BikeMN to complete 2020 Learn to Ride programming and required reporting. 
  • Identifying a nonprofit organization to donate remaining contributions that had been initially donated to Open Shop and have been set aside as such.
  • Fulfilling tax filing requirements. 
  • Identifying a nonprofit organization to transfer any remaining assets, if there are any. 

The timeline for dissolution relies on these legal and reporting obligations, and we estimate completing dissolution by early 2021. 

This email marks the final email outreach that will be sent to the newsletter list, as the bulk email service will be cancelled. Future updates, including communications related to the points above, likely will be communicated through the website and/or our Facebook page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the board at [email protected]


C4C Board of Directors