This program no longer exists. Please refer to our Bike Grant Program.

About Earn A Bike

Participants in the Earn-a-Bike program receive a free used-bike, gain bike maintenance skills, and volunteer with a great organization. By equipping participants with repair skills and introducing them to Cycles for Change’s (C4C’s) free resources, the Earn-a-Bike program contributes to C4C’s mission to empower community members with increased education and access to bikes as a reliable, and affordable transportation.

The Earn-a-Bike program is designed to support people who do not have a bike, primarily those in low-income housing, needing transportation. Donations from those who can give help those who can’t. Anyone can register for the Earn-a-bike program; however, households that are above the federal guideline of low-income status are strongly encouraged to contribute a donation. Any amount directly contributes to the success of this program, and provides for the resources, staff time, locks, and helmets for people who can’t afford it.

To complete the program, participant must:

1. Attend the Earn-a-Bike Orientation

  • Introduction to C4C
  • Learn about Volunteer opportunities
  • Pick out a bike

2. Attend three additional Earn-a-Bike classes (Saturdays, 10am-12pm)

  •  Learn bike maintenance
  •  Work on their bike

3. Volunteer for a total of 6 hours during other programs at C4C

4. Log all Earn-a-Bike hours into the volunteer tracking system at C4C


  1. Earn-a-Bike (EAB) program bikes are to be selected from the back storage room. Some bikes may be off limits for the EAB program, including bikes with hold tags or high-quality bikes reserved for the sales floor. A board or staff member must approve all EAB bikes.
  1. Participants must complete a new tag and attach it to their bike. Write the current date on the tag every time you work on the bike. Bikes that have not been worked on in 30 days will be returned to the storage room.
  1. Participants must attend all classes. EAB bikes may not be taken home, even if completed, until all class and volunteer hours are logged.
  1. Completed EAB bikes must be double-checked and signed off on by a board or staff member.
  1. Youth participants under the age of 13 must attend the Saturday Earn-a-Bike Orientation with an adult guardian.
  1. C4C will donate used parts for free to repair EAB bikes. No new parts are allowed on EAB bikes, with the exception of: brake pads, cables/housing, and tubes with board or staff approval.
  1. Participants may access a one-time discount (wholesale cost +25%) to purchase select items and accessories to install on their EAB bike while it’s being fixed up, including: rack, fenders, light set, tires, grips, and bar tape.