Retail Sales

Refurbished Bikes for Sale

Cycles for Change offers a wide variety of used, refurbished bikes for sale. Our selection includes cruisers, commuter bikes, road bikes, off-road bikes, and kid’s bikes. You will see “classic” bikes from the last several decades, as well as more recent ones. Expect a clean, well-riding bike for a great value. Each bike has been carefully and thoroughly repaired by our skilled mechanics. We replace worn-out components with better condition used parts or with new parts as needed. We have bikes for all types of riders, including new riders. Prices range from $150-$500 with the majority of adult bikes in the $175-$350 range. Used children’s bikes are generally priced in the $40-$150 range. Not sure how to go about shopping for a bike? Our sales staff can help you identify the style of bike that best meets your needs and is the correct size for you!



Our bicycle selection is always changing, so stop in during normal retail hours (Tues-Thurs 12-7pm, Fri-Sat 12-6pm) to browse or take a test ride.

The bikes we repair have all been donated to us. We do not purchase used bikes or offer a trade-in program, but we would love your donation! Consider donating your no-longer-needed bicycle or extra bike parts to us. We also have a great selection of used and new parts for sale.

Your business is important to us. Sales of used bikes and parts help to support our free and low-cost bicycle equity and education programs. To find your next bike, stop in the shop!