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Cycles for Change Repair Menu and Rates

Complete Bike Service Packages:

Repair Estimate – Free
After discussing your bike with you, a mechanic will check the entire bike and recommend the service(s) the bike needs. We will take your budget into consideration and offer options. 

Standard Tune Up – $70 + parts*
Our Standard Tune Up includes: inspection of frame and components for damage and wear; adjustment of brakes and shifting; lubrication of cables, housing, and all moving parts; adjustment of hubs, bottom bracket, and headset; lateral wheel truing; cleaning and re-greasing of chain (on the bike); light frame cleaning; safety check of all bolts on the bike; and tires inflated to appropriate PSI. **Price does not include parts or component installation.**

Deluxe Tune Up – $110 + parts*
The Deluxe Tune Up includes: all the services of the Standard Tune Up, plus removal and deep cleaning of the drivetrain (includes labor for installing new drivetrain components); truing of wheels laterally, radially, and dish (tire off includes labor for new tube/tire installation); brake pad replacement; and detailed frame cleaning.

Complete Overhaul – $180 + parts*
The Complete Overhaul includes: all services of the Deluxe and Standard Tune Ups, plus overhaul of all major bearing systems (disassembly, cleaning, inspection, and repacking with new bearings and grease; replacement of other bearing system components as necessary and available); labor to replace cables and housing; new component installation as needed.

Single Speed Tune Up
Single Speed Bikes can enjoy a $15 discount on any service package.

Atypical Bike Tune Up
An additional $15 charge may be applied to atypical bikes (Tandem, Trike, Recumbent, Cargo) for any package.

*A $30 parts budget will be added to the Standard and Deluxe Tune Ups; an additional parts buffer (up to $60) will be applied to the Complete Overhaul.

Flat fix – $8 + parts

Flat fix/install and/or remove tire or tube

General labor rate

All other work is approximately $1/minute or $60/hour.

Labor charges are subject to estimate and approval by your mechanics.