Slow Roll St. Paul Community Guidelines

The following are taken from Slow Roll Detroit Code of Conduct, and we have expanded upon these aspects as a chapter of Slow Roll to reflect what we are about as Slow Roll St. Paul:


RESPECT for the community and SAFETY are paramount. If we cannot be respectful and safe, we can’t Slow Roll, simple as that. These rules will accomplish our goals and maintain Slow Roll St. Paul’s vision. Make sure you’re following the Code of Conduct at all times and helping to educate new riders. You’ll have the full support of the SQUAD behind you, but it’s up to each of us to be responsible for ourselves and each other.

ALL ARE WELCOME. We accept people of all race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, abilities, age, religion. We do not only embrace but also center and uplift those who are not often represented in both bicycling and larger society. This means each of us needs to be mindful of the space we take, the impact of our actions and words, and how we all play a part of making this space safer. This is a space to exist authentically in all of our complexities; any harassment or bigotry will not be tolerated. Slow Roll St. Paul is a movement to combat structural oppression of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and WTF (women, trans, femme) folks. This is an important, if not the most crucial, component to how we define respect and how we implement safety–physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Our SQUAD is what makes Slow Roll work; they are the volunteers in yellow safety vests that keep you safe on the road. They make and test the routes, fix your flats, lead the ride, direct traffic and keep everyone safe. LISTEN to the SQUAD at all times; do as they say and encourage other riders to do the same. While we appreciate riders taking on the responsibility of promoting our Code of Conduct, we ask that you allow SQUAD to handle all traffic situations. Do not attempt to cork or block traffic; our SQUAD is trained to know when to stop the ride and when to stop vehicle traffic for the ride. Their efforts are coordinated over miles of riders, so always follow directions from any SQUAD member and please take the time to thank them for their service!

Come Prepared: Make sure your bike is in good working order BEFORE coming to the meeting location. Bring plenty of water, a spare tube for flats, your helmet (if you want) and a light kit. The SQUAD is there if you need them, but you should come as prepared as possible.

Stay Right: Always stay on the right side of the road and NEVER cross the yellow line into oncoming traffic, even if there are no cars.

Communicate: Use hand and verbal signals to communicate with other riders. Shout out turns, stops, passing, debris or obstructions, and anything else that will keep the group safe.

Stay Alert and Be Aware: It’s important to pay attention to what’s going on around you. You’re surrounded by other bikers and motorists at any given time and over a changing terrain. Make sure you’re conscious of everyone and everything around you to keep you and others safe.

Roll Slow: We call it Slow Roll for a reason! Stay behind the leader at all times. Do not weave in and out of other riders or speed past each other. If you want to ride fast, join SQUAD and try to keep up.

Share the Road: We have the right to be present on the roads as bicyclists, but we definitely want to model what sharing the road looks like in terms of physical safety. Always stay to the right and leave a lane open while riding. When you hear “car back” be sure to move as far to the right as possible to allow traffic to pass safely. When coming to a stop, do not ride past those stopping in front of you and do not try to race SQUAD members or ride faster than the ride lead.

Don’t Litter: Littering is not acceptable. Come prepared with an old grocery bag for your trash or be sure to find public receptacles along the way. Show respect for our city–let’s make it better, not worse.

Have Fun: Meet people if you’d like. Perhaps even get involved as a volunteer! Slow Roll St. Paul strengthens our community by bringing people together. If you want to say hi, introduce yourself and ask for pronouns–don’t make assumptions about a person based off of how you perceive them to look. We want to create connections through bikes, but we also want to make sure everyone feels safe and accepted as themselves.

Slow Roll St. Paul reserves the right to ask any participant to leave Slow Roll if we feel the code of conduct is not being followed, or if the safety of the group is at risk.


Code of Conduct:

Slow Roll has adopted this Code of Conduct for our volunteers and SQUAD members to promote safe cycling and ride management. By applying to join the Slow Roll St. Paul team, you affirm acceptance of this Code.

  1. While representing Slow Roll St. Paul as a volunteer, remember that you represent Slow Roll St. Paul and all of the partners that have dedicated their time and energy to make Slow Roll St. Paul happen.
  2. While wearing any Slow Roll St. Paul attire or a yellow safety vest, you are not to bring Slow Roll St. Paul into disrepute.
  3. Prior to and during the ride you will abstain from consumption or use of all alcohol and illegal substances.
  4. You shall not disrespect or defile public or private property.
  5. You will act in an appropriate professional manner avoiding altercations and handling disputes in a professional manner.
  6. You shall not commit indecent acts, including but not limited to, public urination/defecation.
  7. We will not tolerate unwanted sexual contact/advances, verbal or physical harassment, or use racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/ableist/ageist language/slurs. Consent is essential, and we honor personal space.
  8. All SQUAD volunteers are required to wear their yellow safety vest while volunteering on the ride. Helmets and use of front and rear lights are also required.
  9. As a SQUAD member, it is your job to provide for the general welfare, health, and safety of all Slow Roll riders and volunteers.
  10. As a volunteer you are expected to make all attempts to be available for each scheduled weekly ride. We depend on you. Your role is important. For volunteer coordination purposes, if members are not be able to attend a ride, they should notify by either email, Facebook message, or text, the person in charge of the roster (Skye Vang–Slow Roll St. Paul Coordinator).
  11. Upon arrival to the ride location, please check in with Skye. Please be present 30 minutes prior to the ride meeting time for an all-volunteer meeting.
  12. All SQUAD volunteers shall utilize the free walkie-talkie app, Zello. Communication before, during, and immediately after the ride is critical to the ride operation and safety.
  13. All SQUAD volunteers will report any emergencies to the appropriate authorities after first taking immediate action to ensure the health and safety of the participants.
  14. SQUAD members will report situations that do not align with the Code of Conduct to the Slow Roll Coordinator as soon as they arise.
  15. We reserve the right to release SQUAD members of their duties if we feel that the policies have not been followed, and/or the safety of the group is at risk.

All Slow Roll St. Paul volunteers are required to follow all directions, training, and safety mandates from your team captain. These directions are in place for the safety of all riders and SQUAD volunteers.

Be passionate about the ride and the city. Respect the riders.