Transpo-Tip-Up: Caring for the planet closet to home

FlTTU_logo_colorying to the beach or a family reunion? Attending a conference on the coast? Venturing into a new culture or habitat? Enjoy your travels. But think about them, too.

Transportation constitutes about 25% of greenhouse gas emissions in Minnesota. How we get around really matters. Aircraft emit staggering amounts of CO2. The U.S. is by far the largest aviation carbon polluter, responsible for nearly half of worldwide CO2 emissions from aircraft. Best action? Avoid high carbon footprint trips when possible. Second best action? Make sustainable trips more possible for more people. Climate change is global, but solutions can be local. Tip the transportation balance toward a healthier planet…

…and share the love here at home. Your Transpo-Tip-Up tax-deductible donation to Cycles for Change enables us to do what we do best: put folks on bikes. All those two-wheel trips create a healthier planet that we can enjoy right here where we live.

How Transpo-Tip-Up works

Make your self-assessed tax-deductible donation every time you fly, annually in association with your summer vacation, once a week when you fill up your tank with gas. You can “Tip-Up” 5% of the cost of your airfare or what you spend on gas to Cycles for Change. These donations allow us to provide more folks with the ability to rely on bicycles for transportation. Our esteemed Learn-to-Ride classes and Bike Grant program put emerging bicycle leaders from underserved communities on affordable bikes.

Make Transpo-Tip-Up your 5% habit.


C4C’s own Monica is donating using Transpo-Tip-Up this summer. Monica, her partner Tess, and their boys¬†Nacho and Jack have an upcoming trip to Orcas Island, WA, which will be an approximately 2000-mile roundtrip drive. Monica is committed to donating 10% of the money she spends on gas to C4C.¬†

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